DreamScreen Testimonials from our Soft Launch!




Imagine your television bigger, brighter and softer on your eyes. DreamScreen is the first to offer Responsive LED Backlighting that works on any HDMI television. The lights match the color pixels of what you are watching at 60 frames a second, creating an new way to enjoy your home theater. Enhance your television!




Watch our LED lights dance to your favorite beats with our highly responsive audio visualizer. Use any of your favorite channels like Pandora, iTunes, and more, and enjoy your tunes in lights! Music mode is also great for parties and dancing.



Ambient Lighting

Choose from an array of ambient colors and settings to change the mood in your home or venue. Adjust the color easily with the Color Wheel on the free DreamScreen TV app. You can even decide what sides of the screen to shine with the Zone Control feature. All controlled via Bluetooth!

Setting Up Your DreamScreenLearn how to Set Up your DreamScreen, added features, the app and how all of this awesomeness works!

DreamScreen Setup and Help

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