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Learn More about HD & 4K Backlighting

The LEDs are programmed to respond to the PIXEL COLOR on your screen at 60 frames a second! The effect is a new immersive home theater and venue experience. Enjoy all of your favorite movies, television and video games illuminated by responsive backlighting.

Stretch the Lighting Effect Every hero needs an awesome Sidekick, and that's why we've created Total Surround Lighting with DreamScreen's Sidekicks. These high-brightness LEDs pair wirelessly to DreamScreen Backlighting Kits and create the ultimate home theater upgrade. Watch the Video to Learn More! YouTube Channel.

Professional Tech Review Hear from enthusiast Ash Tailor as he describes the new HD & 4K upgrades to DreamScreen.

DreamScreen Reduces

Digital Eyestrain

A study conducted by The Lighting Research Center found that eyestrain can be reduced while watching television by lighting the area around the television*.

Digital Eyestrain is caused because our eyes are not designed to cope with todays media-rich digital world. If you spend more than 2 hours daily in front of digital screens, you have a 90% chance to develop Digital Eyestrain.

Symptoms include:

Eye Fatigue
Blurred Vision

Of adults do not know that electronics emit high-energy visible or blue light.**


Of adults have never tried - or don't know how - to reduce their digital eye strain.**

* Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, N.Y.
* The Vision Coincil Report on Digital Eyestrain, 2012 & 2013
What's included in the

DreamScreen Kit

Use the HD or 4K Hub with all our LED products
DreamScreen Flex Kit
New FLEX LEDs can be combined for screens up to 130"!
Hook up the HD or 4K Hub to your own LEDs with DreamScreen DIY
The DreamScreen Kit includes everything you need to enjoy this product:
LEDs - Retro-fit or FLEX | DreamScreen Hub in HD or 4K | Region-Specific Power Supply | HDMI Cord | The Ultimate TV Upgrade
Compatible with Any HDMI Video Source

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