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Not sure which DreamScreen is right for you?

Choose between HD or 4K resolution, then whether you want to use our LEDs, which are Flex - 1 Reel is for TVs/Screens up to 70'', and 2 Reels are for TVs/Screens up to 130''. If you want to stretch the lighting effect even more, add two Sidekicks in our Total Surround Lighting Kits.

What is included in the DreamScreen package?
The DreamScreen kit includes everything you need to enjoy this product:
    DreamScreen HD & 4K
  • Set of LED light strips
  • DreamScreen Hub (HD or 4K)
  • Power Supply
  • HDMI Cord
    DreamScreen DIY
  • DreamScreen Hub (HD or 4K)
  • Power Supply
  • HDMI Cord
  • DIY Cable
  • Use Your Own LEDs
    Total Surround Kit
  • Set of LED light strips
  • DreamScreen Hub (HD or 4K)
  • Power Supply
  • HDMI Cord
  • 2 Sidekicks
Control everything via Wi-Fi on the free DreamScreen App available now for download on the GooglePlay or iTunes store.
What is the technology behind DreamScreen?

Many technologies go to make the DreamScreen. Firstly, DreamScreen is capable of using content directly from HDMI video sources. This eliminates the need for a computer for the source of video content. DreamScreen incorporates a fast processor that analyzes the high resolution digital content of the HDMI screen and computes the colors to the LED. It updates the LED colors to match the peripheral pixels of the screen at the speed of the HDMI output - 60 frames a second.

The responsive television backlighting that reacts to the video source on your television is a patented technology. The responsive LED lighting is reactive at 60 frames a second, making a more immersive and enhanced viewing experience.

What are the LED Options?
There are two types of LED options:
  • Flex LEDs - You can order either 1 or 2 LED reels. 1 will fit screens up to 70", while 2 will fit screens up to 130".
  • DIY Kits - You will not receive LEDs in this kit and will instead receive a DreamScreen DIY cable to connect to your own third-party LEDs.
Is DreamScreen 4K compatible?

Yes! DreamScreen 4K currently supports HDMI 2.0 and is compliant up to 4K 60Hz with support for HDCP 2.2. The 4K version also allows for HDR and CEC pass-through, as well as ARC support on the second HDMI input.

Do we have International Distributors/Resellers?

Check out the About page for a full list of international resellers and distributors. Interested in becoming a DreamScreen re-seller or distributor? Contact US

Do you offer anything for a television greater than 85 inches?

Wow! That's one big TV! We created three ranges of sizes to address the most popular TV sizes. Based on the interest for TVs larger than 85 inches our team came up a solution!

Our Flex LEDs allow for customers to use the DreamScreen with screens up to 130"! One reel of Flex LEDs can fit on a TV of up to 70". If you use 2 reels and both LED inputs on the DreamScreen Hub, we offer support for up to 130"!

Once you have received your DreamScreen with Flex LEDs, follow the instructions in the manual for setup and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Can I use DreamScreen with a computer monitor?

Yes, our Flex LEDs can be cut to any screen size up to 130". This is perfect for screens that are too small for our Classic size, such as most computer monitors. Our 4K version can even support the latest monitors in full 4K resolution!

We are working on developing a smaller size of DreamScreen to address smaller screens and computer monitors.

Once you have received your DreamScreen with Flex LEDs, follow the instructions in the manual for setup and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

What is the return policy and warranty on DreamScreen?

DreamScreen products ship with a 30-day return policy. During this time, the items and any unopened merchandise can be returned for a full refund of product price. If the LEDs are used, a restocking fee of $30 USD is applied as the LEDs cannot be reused and are discarded. To begin the return process, please contact us via the contact form on the website, or by emailing us directly at: [email protected]

All items must be returned to, at the cost of the shipper:

  • 1021 S Rogers Cir #2
  • Boca Raton,Fl 33487

DreamScreen products ship with a 1 year warranty on all components. This includes replacement and shipping costs associated with replacement of any component of DreamScreen.

If you have further questions feel free to contact us!

What is the DreamScreen Sidekick?

DreamScreen's Sidekick is our solution to surround lighting. Sidekicks connect wirelessly to your DreamScreen hub via Wi-Fi and are able to react to the video on-screen, similar to the DreamScreen LEDs. Since the Sidekicks connect wirelessly, they can be placed anywhere in your home where there is a power outlet! This allows for some creative and amazing configurations in your home theater.

The DreamScreen Sidekick will react at a solid 60 fps to what is on the screen and you can even set which areas of the screen it will react to!

Can I just use it as lighting?

Absolutely! Select the Ambient icon on your app and choose the color and brightness that fit your mood. There is also an array of Ambient Scenes to add a dynamic touch to any home or venue.

Can I use it with my gaming console?

Absolutely! As long as your gaming console has HDMI, DreamScreen will react in real-time and truly enhance your gaming experience.

Will the adhesive ruin my TV?

We have chosen a type of adhesive that is not only forgiving upon installation, but after a long time can be wiped off with the side of a credit card. We won't hurt your TV, we only enhance it!

What if I don't have my phone with me?

Not a problem, you can easily use the buttons on the DreamScreen Hub to change the mode and HDMI source

Do I need batteries?

No batteries needed my friend, this product has its own power supply that plugs into the wall.

Do you offer an LED extension cable?

In the future we will offer an extension cable that can be purchased on www.dreamscreentv.com/shop. Until then, we suggest extending your HDMI or power cables instead.

Help! My DreamScreen isn't working.
Have no fear, the DreamScreen team is here.
Let's go through some troubleshooting:
  • A common problem in electronics is loose cords and plugs. Check to make sure all HDMI cords are in place on the back of the television and HDMI Splitter.
  • Next make sure that the power supply is also plugged in.
  • Check that power is running to the DreamScreen Hub by looking for the light on the side of the hub.
  • Check that the LED lights are property plugged into the back of the DreamScreen Hub.
  • Is your video source on and running? Make sure that your cable, gaming or other video source is on and viewable.
  • When you installed your lights - Did you make sure to start on the back left of the back left of the BACK of your TV? Then installed clockwise, per the manual? - Double check!
  • Issues with the App? Make sure first that Wi-Fi is enabled on your phone, then follow to connection instructions that appear in the app. If you are still having issues, close the App and re-open it.
Still having an issue? Contact Us and we'll help you get your DreamScreen running. Click Here.
Do you ship power supplies from other countries?

Yes! DreamScreen ships worldwide and will send region-specific power supplies. We will ship the power supply appropriate for your shipping address, but if you would like a different one, please let us know in the "Customer Notes" section of your order.

Is there any compatibility to control your hub via Logitech Harmony or any plans to create compatibility?

We are already working on integration with other devices, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc. We are working on getting into contact with Logitech as cooperation from them is needed for integration with their device.

How do you arrange the lights?

DreamScreen is designed to work on any television.

Follow the directions on the manual or watch one of our many setup videos here on our Setup page for more info.

Can DreamScreen be used with dual monitors?

Yes! If multiple monitors are used, a DreamScreen hub can be connected to each HDMI stream. The LEDs are placed on the monitor like a typical installation. Using the app, connect each DreamScreen hub to the Wifi Network. The grouping feature can be used to add both the hubs to the group so that they can be controlled simultaneously. You can rename the hubs as DreamScreen Left and Right for easy identification. If the monitors are adjacent to each other, the app can be used to turn off the LEDs in the middle. Use the Zone Feature (Under Advanced Settings) to disable the right side of the Left Screen and vice versa.

Do I need an HDMI Splitter?

No need to buy your own, the DreamScreen Hub comes complete with 3 HDMI inputs and an HDMI cord. If you require more than 3 HDMI inputs, please see our FAQ question regarding using multiple inputs.

How do you use multiple inputs/video sources?
The Hub shipping with DreamScreen has 3 inputs and 1 output. If you need more than the 3 provided inputs, there are many ways of connecting multiple sources to DreamScreen:

1) A splitter like http://amzn.to/1nwvGx2 or can be used to consolidate multiple HDMI inputs to one output to splitter. The ones listed here have been tested with DreamScreen and they are CEC compatible.

2) Alternately, an HDMI matrix such as http://amzn.to/1OEbS1s can be used to bring in multiple inputs and provide a direct output to TV and one to DreamScreen stick.

Will DreamScreen work with my Smart TV Apps?

DreamScreen works with external sources using a pass-through system with an HDMI splitter. Because of this internal TV apps will not function with the LED lights.

Applications running on your television (Native Netflix Apps etc) do not have any mechanism to send their video output via any HDMI channels. All HDMI plugs on your television are input only. DreamScreen is meant to work with content that is playing from a source that plugs to your television via HDMI.

Will the SideKicks work with the older DreamScreen?

The Bluetooth version of DreamScreen will not work with the Sidekicks due to its lack of Wi-Fi connectivity. You can still get the Sidekicks to use as stand-alone lighting, but they will not react to your video with the Bluetooth version of DreamScreen.

Does DreamScreen 4K support HDR and HDCP 2.2?

We have good news for you! The new DreamScreen 4K will support HDR and HDCP 2.2 so you should not have any issues using modern video equipment and the latest gaming consoles with DreamScreen.

How fast does it react to what you're watching?

Great question, we've made DreamScreen incredibly responsive at 60 frames per second! It's an immersive home theatre experience and an incredible addition to any gaming setup.

How do I change from Video to Music to Lighting?
There are two ways to change modes:
  • On the DreamScreen app - Select the mode at the top of the main screen of the app, these are listed as Standby, Video, Music and Ambient Lighting Mode.
  • On the DreamScreen Hub - Select the mode button to toggle through Standby, Video, Music and Ambient Lighting Mode.
How does the DreamScreen sense the sound in Music Mode?

Good question, the Music Mode uses RGB technology that adjusts to the lights to the sound of your music. HDMI packs both video and audio from the multimedia source to your TV. In Music Mode, DreamScreen analyzes the audio component of the HDMI signal in the HDMI cable.

Alternatively, we have included an audio jack on the DreamScreen hub so that it can respond to an audio signal through there as well. Audio source is selected in the DreamScreen App.

The audio visualizers create an incredible light show to your music!

In Music Mode, will DreamScreen be able to hear and respond to music from my audio system?

That depends on your setup. DreamScreen picks up the audio from the HDMI stream. It does not incorporate a microphone to hear the ambient sound. You can also pass the audio signal through a standard audio jack using an auxiliary cable.

Can I choose which side of the TV to use?

Yes! The Zone Control feature in the settings of the DreamScreen App allows you to easily select one or multiple sides of your television to enjoy your DreamScreen. You can even adjust the brightness of each individual side. The zone control is applicable to both ambient and video mode. It is not applicable to the audio because that reacts to the sound of your audio and is on the sides of your screen.

What if I watch TV on widescreen?

Our DreamScreen Hub is so smart it already knows if you're watching in widescreen. The lights will react to the colors on the very edge of the screen, creating the DreamScreen effect. DreamScreen is able to automatically identify letter boxing when on widescreen mode. Irrespective of the size of the black bars on the top and bottom of the TV screen, DreamScreen looks at the content right below and above these bars respectively. The mode of switching is automatic. If you start watching a movie in widescreen mode, DreamScreen will automatically detect it and switch within 6 seconds.

We have also chosen to include the option to turn this on manually through a setting in the DreamScreen App.

Can I use DreamScreen on a non-HDMI source?

DreamScreen is designed to take a HDMI source directly from your video source (cable, Chromecast, Appletv, Xbox, etc.). A non-HDMI source can be converted to HDMI using a device such as a converter.

What if my wall is not white?

That's a great question; we have a setting to assist you with that. In Video Settings on the DreamScreen App you can easily adjust the Red, Green, and Blue channels if you have a colored wall behind the DreamScreen. This will allow the colors on the LEDs to properly showcase what you are viewing.

Does DreamScreen work with 3D TVs?

Due to popular demand, DreamScreen HD and 4K will support 3D content out of the box and will not require any additional tooling or software!

Does DreamScreen integrate with Phillips Hue lights?

Yes, users will be able to control their Hue lights from the DreamSync App in the future, we are currently developing this technology now. However, due to latency issues associated with Bluetooth, Hue lights will only integrate with DreamScreen in the Ambient mode.

Do you guys integrate with Amazon Alexa or IFTTT?

DreamScreen is currently in the R&D mode to offer support for Amazon Alexa, google Home, IFTTT, and more through our add-on device DreamScreen Connect. To learn more, sign up for email updates below.

What type of LEDs can I use with DreamScreen DIY?

The DreamScreen DIY currently will work with WS2812B, SK6812, APA104, and WS2813 digital LED lights. These can be purchased on most online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

What about using DreamScreen with my Receiver or HDMI Switch/Matrix?

We've designed a 4K Backlighting Kit specifically for dual output receivers and HDMI switch/matrixes called DreamScreen Solo . We'll be launching right around the corner, sign up here for the announcement.

How do I download the app?

Scan QR Code for Apple and Android App

QR Code
Why are there 2 DreamScreen Apps?

The app labeled as "DreamScreen BLE" is for use with our first generation of the product that runs on Bluetooth. The app labeled as "DreamScreenTV" in the app store is for use with our newer HD and 4K models that run on Wi-Fi.

How does the Wi-Fi App control DreamScreen?

The app uses Wi-Fi to control DreamScreen. We specifically chose Wi-Fi as it offers a consistent and reliable connection, making sure that the DreamScreen and Sidekicks never lag behind the image on screen.

DreamScreen devices connect to your home network and can be paired together via the DreamScreen App, all you have to do is follow the directions on screen!

The app is available in iTunes or the Google Play Store. Search DreamScreen TV.

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