Thank you for your interest in DreamScreen. We have just released our new HD & 4K DreamScreen Kits for Pre-Order on our online store.  The information below is for our new HD & 4K WiFi Kits. For more information on our former Bluetooth version visit Setup or FAQ. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

Responsive TV Backlighting for any HDMI TV

LEDs on the back of your television react to the color of what you are watching!

The LEDs are programmed to respond to the PIXEL COLOR on your screen at 60 frames a second! The effect is a new immersive home theater and venue experience. Enjoy all of your favorite movies, television and video games illuminated by responsive backlighting.

Three Different Modes to Enjoy: Video (pixel matching content as described above); Music – An Audio Visualizer Dances to your beats; Ambient Lighting – Choose from an array of colors and brightness to accentuate your home or venue.

Enjoy full control of DreamScreen through the Free WiFi App

The DreamScreen Kit includes everything you need to enjoy this product – Simply select whether you would like the HD or 4K version and then select your preferred LEDs.

  • HD or 4K Hub
  • Your Choice of LEDs – Retrofit or FLEX
  • Power Supply
  • HDMI cord
  • User Manual

Plus download the FREE app and have full control of your DreamScreen via WiFi

DreamScreenTV iTunes App
DreamScreen LED Lighting

Video Mode enhances your home theater with responsive colored LED backlights that react to whatever you are watching! Our patented technology mimics the pixel color on your screen and projects it through our vivid LED lights. Watch how your favorite movie or television show is now bigger, brighter and even easier on your eyes. Learn More on our FAQ page!

Using audio visualizers, DreamScreen sets your favorite music to light! The LED lights dance to your favorite beats and create an incredible light show.

Choose from 4 different audio visualizers on the DreamScreenTV App.

DreamScreen App Music Mode

Make the Music yours, choose the colors of your Bass, Middle and Treble beats in the Advanced Audio Settings of the App.

Change the ambiance in your home or venue with the DreamScreen’s Ambient Lighting. Choose from the App’s color wheel and adjust the Brightness to your mood.

Ambient Lighting Scenes

See how integrative gaming becomes with responsive television lighting! At 60 frames per second, enjoy a new level of interactive gaming right in your living room. DreamScreen enhances the game, stretches the picture and makes any game more reactive and fun to play.

DreamScreen Helps Eyes

Digital Eye Strain is caused because our eyes are not designed to cope with todays media-rich digital world.

If you spend more than 2 hours daily in front of digital screens, you have 90% chance to develop Digital Eye Strain.

DreamScreen helps Digital Eye Strain
DreamScreen WiFi App

The DreamScreen WiFi APP

Enjoy full range of controls and customizations to enhance your personal DreamScreen. Download the App today and and demo all of the advanced settings.

DreamScreen Android App

DreamScreenTV iTunes App

Note: The first version of DreamScreen uses a Bluetooth App – DreamScreenBLE in the Apple and Google Stores. The HD & 4K Versions uses the DreamScreenTV WiFi App.

Use your own LEDs to customize your setup. Imagine responsive lighting any and everywhere – under your entertainment center, couch or behind projectors or monitors. Available in HD or 4K.

DreamScreen Uses HDMI
DreamScreen FAQ


GREAT & GENIUS! I installed it in just a few minutes, and it works perfect. Easy to use with the App & a great effect! Thank you and your team for this Innovation.

-Michael, Julich, Germany

Just got the DreamScreen a couple days ago and installed it on my living room last night. Totally Amazing! Like fine steaks and good beer/wine you guys have ruined me and I can’t imagine not having a DreamScreen. “Normal” TV seems lackluster now.

-D.B. Santee, CA

DreamScreen is the must have Responsive HDMI LED kit!

-Kevin the Tech Ninja, YouTube Tech Reviewer

I sincerely underestimated how awesome this would be. I really don’t think any of the videos really showcase it in the same way as having it on your wall does. At this point, I don’t think I’ll ever buy a TV again without one of these going with it.

-John, Bangkok, Thailand

I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long long time…It comes with everything you need to get setup and the magic goes from there.

-Random Frank P, YouTube Tech Reviewer

I received my DreamScreen, installed it and it is GLORIOUS! I love it. Thank you again for this wonderful product and great customer service.

-Greg, New York, NY