Is there an HD or 4K Version of DreamScreen?

YES! We are proud to announce our HD & 4K Backlighting Kits are available for Pre-Order!

Enjoy all the incredible upgrades like:

  • 3 HDMI Inputs
  • Audio Jack Feature
  • WiFi App
  • New LED Options

PLUS! New surround lighting with DreamScreen SideKick.

What is included in the DreamScreen Bluetooth package?

The DreamScreen Bluetooth kit includes everything you need to enjoy this product:

  • Set of LED light strings
  • DreamScreen HDMI stick
  • Power Supply for HDMI stick
  • HDMI splitter
  • Power Supply for HDMI splitter & USB Cable
  • HDMI cord

Control everything via Bluetooth on the free DreamScreenTV App available now for download on the GooglePlay or iTunes store. Windows App coming soon!

What is the technology behind DreamScreen?

Many technologies go to make the DreamScreen. Firstly, DreamScreen is capable of using content directly from HDMI video sources. This eliminates the need for a computer for the source of video content. DreamScreen incorporates a fast processor that analyzes the high resolution digital content of the HDMI screen and computes the colors to the LED. It updates the LED colors to match the peripheral pixels of the screen at the speed of the HDMI output – 60 frames a second.

The responsive television backlighting that reacts to the video source on your television is a patent-pending technology. The responsive LED lighting is reactive at 60 frames a second, making a more immersive and enhanced viewing experience.

The LEDs used in DreamScreen are capable of 24 bit colors and are individually addressable. The Mega series for instance has 72 individual LEDs that are placed around the television allowing for backlighting that has a superior resolution to match that of your television.

How do you arrange the lights?

DreamScreen is designed to work on any television.  We offer three different sizes, Classic, Mega, and Xtreme. Follow the directions on the manual and/or Quick Start Guide in your DreamScreen package. Follow the guides on the Setup page for more info.

How do you use multiple inputs/video sources?

The splitter shipping with DreamScreen has one input and two outputs – one for splitter and another for DreamScreen Stick. There are many ways of connecting multiple sources to DreamScreen:
1) A splitter like http://amzn.to/1nwvGx2 or http://amzn.to/1U6MJAf can be used to consolidate multiple HDMI inputs to one output to splitter. The ones listed here have been tested with DreamScreen and they are CEC compatible.
2) Alternately, an HDMI matrix such as http://amzn.to/1OEbS1s can be used to bring in multiple inputs and provide a direct output to TV and one to DreamScreen stick. In such a setup, the provided splitter is not used.

Help! My DreamScreen isn’t working.

Have no fear, the DreamScreen team is here.

Let’s go through some troubleshooting:

  • A common problem in electronics are loose cords and plugs. Check to make sure all HDMI cords are in place on the back of the television and HDMI Splitter.
  • Next make sure that both power supplies are also plugged in.
  • Check that power is running to the DreamScreen HDMI stick by looking for the light under the Mode button.
  • Check that the LED lights are property plugged into the back of the HDMI stick.
  • Is your video source on and running? Make sure that your cable, gaming or other video source is on and viewable.
  • When you installed your lights – Did you make sure to start on the back left of the back left of the BACK of your TV? Then installed clockwise, per the manual? – Double check!
  • Issues with the App? Make sure first that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, then make sure no other phones are connected to that DreamScreen. If you are still having issues, close the App and reopen it.

Still having an issue? Contact Us and we’ll help you get your DreamScreen running. Click Here.

What are the different DreamScreen sizes?

DreamScreen comes in three different sizes:

Classic – 32’’ – 45’’

Mega – 45’’ – 65’’

Xtreme – 65’’ – 80’’

Why are there different sizes?

This product is designed to be used on a range of television sizes. The bigger the TV the more lights! There are three sizes, Classic, Mega and Xtreme.

  • Classic – 32’’ – 45’’
  • Mega – 45’’ – 65’’
  • Xtreme – 65’’ – 80’’

Do you ship power supplies from other countries?

Yes! DreamScreen ships worldwide and will send region-specific power supplies.

Is DreamScreen 4K compatible?

DreamScreen Bluetooth currently supports HDMI 1.4 and is compliant up to 1080P 60Hz.  This limit exists becase the DreamScreen is not HDMI 2.2 compatible and is designed for HDMI 1.4. The DreamScreen will switch to 1080P when trying to route a 4K signal through it. So, Yes, your 4K TV will work with DreamScreen, but it will downgrade the quality to 1080.

For 4K Support please back our Kickstarter Campaign going live April 28th!

How do I change from Video to Music to Lighting?

There are two ways to change modes:

  • On the DreamScreen app – Select the mode at the top of the main screen of the app, these are listed as Standby, Video, Music and Ambient Lighting Mode.
  • On the HDMI Stick – Select the mode button to toggle through Standby, Video, Music and Ambient Lighting Mode.

How do I download the app?

DreamScreen includes a free app that offers full control via Bluetooth. Download free at The Apple or Google Play Store. Search DreamScreen TV then Connect and Enjoy! Also enjoy control on the Apple Watch.

How does the Bluetooth App control the DreamScreen?

The app uses Bluetooth to control DreamScreen. It specifically uses a technology made possible by Bluetooth 4.0 that can be found on most smartphones. The app is available at the iTunes or Google Play Store. Search DreamScreenBLE.

How does the DreamScreen sense the sound in Music Mode?

Good question, the Music Mode uses RGB technology that adjusts to the lights to the sound of your music. HDMI packs both video and audio from the multimedia source to your tv. In audio mode, DreamScreen analyzes the audio component of the audio stream.The audio visualizer creates an incredible light show to your music.

In Music Mode, will DreamScreen be able to hear and respond to music from my audio system?

No, DreamScreen picks up the audio from the HDMI stream. It does not incorporate a microphone to hear the ambient sound. But by all means play your music from your television or through a HDMI source.

Can I just use it as lighting?

Absolutely! Select the Lightbulb icon on your app and choose the color and brightness of your choice. There are also an array of Ambient Scene to add a dynamic mood to any home or venue.

Do I need an HDMI Splitter?

No need to buy your own, The DreamScreen kit comes complete with an HDMI Splitter and an HDMI cord.

Can I use it with my gaming console?

Absolutely! DreamScreen takes your gaming to the next level! In fact, DreamScreen works with any HDMI video source. Plug up your cable, Apple TV, ChromeCast, Xbox, the list goes on and on.

Can I choose what side of the tv to use?

Yes! The Zone Control feature on the homepage of the App allows you to easily select one or multiple sides of your television to enjoy your DreamScreen. The zone control is applicable to both ambient and video mode. It is not applicable to the audio because that reacts to the sound of your audio and is on the sides of your screen.

What if I watch TV on Widescreen?

Our DreamScreen HDMI stick is so smart it already knows if you’re watching in widescreen. The lights will react to the colors on the very edge of the screen, creating the DreamScreen effect. DreamScreen is able to automatically identify letter boxing when on widescreen mode. Irrespective of the size of the black bars on the top and bottom of the tv screen, DreamScreen looks at the content right below and above these bars respectively. The mode of switching is automatic. If you start watching a movie in widescreen mode, DreamScreen will automatically detect it and switch within 6 seconds.

Will the adhesive stick ruin my TV?

We have chosen a type of adhesive that is not only forgiving upon installation, but after a long time can be wiped off with the side of a credit card. We won’t hurt your tv, we only enhance it!

How fast does it react to what you’re watching?

Great question, we’ve made DreamScreen incredibly response at 60 frames per second! It’s an immersion home theatre experience and an incredible addition to any gaming set up.

What if I don’t have my phone with me?

Not a problem, you can easily use the buttons on the HDMI stick to change the mode, the brightness and zone control settings.

Do I need batteries?

No batteries needed my friend, this product has it’s own power supply that plugs into the wall.

Can I use DreamScreen on a Non-HDMI source?

DreamScreen is designed to plug directly into a HDMI port and the provided splitter allows one HDMI stream from your video source (cable, Chromecast, Appletv, Xbox, etc.) and the other for the DreamScreen. A non-HDMI source can be converted to HDMI using a device such as a converter.

Do you offer anything for a television greater than 85 inches?

Wow! That’s one big tv! We created three ranges of sizes to address the most popular tv sizes. Based on the interest for tv’s larger than 85 inches our team is looking into designing an EVEN larger DreamScreen package. The features will remain the same, but such a big size will need to handle higher power to allow for so many more LED lights.
Check back with us or fill out our contact form on our website if you’re interested in this GIGANTIC DreamScreen.
Contact Us Here!

Can I use DreamScreen with a computer monitor?

Yes, as long as the monitor as at least 32 inches, is 16:9 resolution (1920×1080)  and uses HDMI or DVI cables. We are working on developing a smaller size of DreamScreen to address smaller screens and computer monitors. 

Does DreamScreen work with 3D TVs?

DreamScreen hardware chipsets allow for interface with 3D content, but we have not enabled in firmware at this time. As a result, the artifact you see is a repetition of colors on Left and Right sides (In 3D mode, HDMI packs the Left and Right channels) on one frame one on top of the other. The televisions reads this and addresses it to the Left and Right polarized displays. 

We are looking into the supporting 3D content as well and after development and testing, we will bring this feature to users via a firmware update deployed from the app. 

For 3D Support Please Back our Kickstarter going Live April 28th!

Does DreamScreen integrate with Phillips Hue lights?

Yes, users will be able to control their Hue lights from the DreamSync App in the future, we are currently developing this technology now. However, due to latency issues associated with Bluetooth, Hue lights will only integrate with DreamScreen in the Ambient mode.