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Add to DreamScreen for a Total Surround Lighting Experience! These High-Brightness LEDs pair with DreamScreen and can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone lighting feature.

SideKick features high brightness LEDs that react with DreamScreen. Place these next to your TVs, computer monitors, couch or anywhere you want to enhance the lighting effect. SideKicks can also be used as a stand-alone lighting feature.

  • SideKicks can be “sectored” to react to different areas of the screen for a 360-degree home theater effect.
  • WiFi based Android and iOS App – eliminates range concerns associated with Bluetooth.
  • Up to 16 SideKicks can be paired to a DreamScreen

Additional Info

Name & Group your DreamScreens, Video Sources and SideKick

Customizable Features: Saturation Control, Adjust Brightness, Zone Control & Zone Brightness Adjustment, Widescreen Detection, CEC Pass-through& Switching, Adjust Fade Rate, Minimum Luminosity, Frame Delay, Color Boost Settings, Latency Control Auto-Off Function Settings via Timer, CEC or USB Power Detect.


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