Retro-Fit LED Strips Only


LED Lights


Moving your DreamScreen to a new TV or just need the lights?

Additional Info

  • Individually Addressable LED strips with 16 million colors
  • Polyurethane coated strips are moisture and shock proof while flexible
  • LED Strips easily route around television connectors and mechanical features
  • Can be used with wall mounted or table top televisions
  • LED Strips use 3M 300 LSE Adhesive Strip that has built in polyester film liner that resists breakage during removal or repositioning
  • Each model is designed to stretch between a range of television sizes:
    • Classic 32” to 45” – Contains 48 LEDs
    • Mega 45” to 65” – Contains 72 LEDs
    • Xtreme 65” to 80” – Contains 96 LEDs
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