HD Upgrade Kit

USD$90.00 USD$90.00

Everything you need to upgrade your existing DreamScreen. Does not include LEDs

Thanks for being a loyal DreamScreen customer. This HD Upgrade Kit includes everything you need to upgrade your existing DreamScreen LEDs to HD quality with our WiFi DreamScreenTV App. Enjoy all the new features the HD Kit has to offer.

Additional Info

HDMI Specifications:
  • HDMI 1.4 Inputs with HDCP 1.4 pass-through. Supports up to 1080P 60Hz.
  • Supports 24,50,60Hz and 3D Content.
Name & Group your DreamScreens, Video Sources and SideKick

Customizable Features: Saturation Control, Adjust Brightness, Zone Control & Zone Brightness Adjustment, Widescreen Detection, CEC Pass-through& Switching, Adjust Fade Rate, Minimum Luminosity, Frame Delay, Color Boost Settings, Latency Control Auto-Off Function Settings via Timer, CEC or USB Power Detect.


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