DreamScreen HD Kit


The DreamScreen hub connects to LED light strips that are placed behind your television. Everything you need to enjoy this product comes standard simply select your LED size and enjoy!

Choose An Option...
Classic 32’’ – 45’’ TV
Mega 45’’ – 65’’ TV
Xtreme 65’’ – 80’’ TV
1 Flex - Up to 70" TV
2 Flex - Up to 130" TV
Maximum Qty: 5, If you would like to learn about distributor discounts please email [email protected]


DreamScreen’s effect is incredible; it enlarges your TV, softens the picture and makes television, movies, gaming and music incredibly immersive. At a responsive rate of 60 frames per second, your favorite movie or video game just went to the next level in home theater.

Enjoy all 3 Modes

  • Video - Watch the LEDs behind your TV react to the color pixels of what you are watching, creating an immersive home theater experience. Your favorite TV, Movies and Video Games are now bigger, brighter and easier on your eyes. 
  • Music - Enjoy choosing from 4 different Audio Visualizers and watch the LEDs dance to your favorite beats creating the ultimate party scene in homes and venues. 
  • Ambient Lighting - Add a touch of ambiance to your home by selecting the color and brightness of your choice or choose from one of the many dynamic Ambient Scenes like “Fireside” or “Ocean”.


  • 3 HDMI Video Inputs - Toggle through all of your favorite sources with ease
  • Audio Jack Input - Hook up your sound system to get the most of our 4 Audio Visualizers
  • Micro-USB Input - Power Detect Feature to allow background lights to sync with television power
  • WiFi based Android and iOS App - eliminates range concerns associated with Bluetooth. Easily toggle through the Different Modes: Video | Music | Ambient Lighting

Additional Info

HDMI Specifications –

  • HDMI 1.4 Inputs with HDCP 1.4 pass-through. Supports up to 1080P 60Hz.
  • Supports 24,50,60Hz and 3D Content.

Name & Group your DreamScreens, Video Sources and SideKick

Customizable Features: Saturation Control, Adjust Brightness, Zone Control & Zone Brightness Adjustment, Widescreen Detection, CEC Pass-through& Switching, Adjust Fade Rate, Minimum Luminosity, Frame Delay, Color Boost Settings, Latency Control Auto-Off Function Settings via Timer, CEC or USB Power Detect