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Do it Yourself LED Backlighting Kit (HD DIY 1920x1080 4K DIY 3840x2160)

DreamScreen DIY

Use your own LEDs to customize your home theater or gaming setup. Get creative and add reactive lighting behind the TV, under the couch, or around your computer monitors. The sky is the limit for this do it yourself backlighting kit.
DreamScreen DIY is Packed with New Features:
  • 3 HDMI Video Inputs
    • Toggle through all of your favorite sources with ease
  • Audio Jack Input
    • Hook up your sound system to get the most of our 4 Audio Visualizers
  • Micro-USB Input
    • Power Detect Feature to allow background lights to sync with television power
  • Ultimate in Customization
    • With two LED Outputs on each hub, connect up to 250 LEDs for your DIY experience. Easy setup via the DreamScreenTV WiFi App.
DreamScreen DIY


*Photo shown with TV Backlighting, 2 Sidekicks and an extra LED strand under the floating shelves.
  • What's Included
  • 4K or HD Hub
  • 1 DIY Cord
  • HDMI Cord
  • Region-Specific Power Supply
  • Tech Specs
  • DIY cord has access to GND, DATA and 5V.
  • Compatible with WS2812B, WS2813, SK6812RGB and APA104 LEDs.
  • Each DIY cord can support 150 individually addressable LEDs.
  • Controls
  • WiFi based Android and iOS App
  • Brightness, Zone and Color
  • Saturation Control

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