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Responsive LED Lighting for any HDMI TV

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Classic 32’’ – 45’’ TV
Mega 45’’ – 65’’ TV
Xtreme 65’’ – 80’’ TV

Product Description

Everything you need to enjoy DreamScreen on your TV! Kit includes DreamScreen HDMI Stick, HDMI Splitter, Cord and world-wide power supplies.

3 Modes of Enjoyment: 

  • Video – Watch the LEDs placed behind your TV react to the color pixels of what you are watching at 60 frames a second. Your favorite TV, Movies and Video Games just went to the next level!
  • Music – Includes 4 of Audio Visualizers for you to choose from, watch the LEDs dance to your favorite beats. 
  • Ambient Lighting – Enjoy setting your personal ambient tone to your home or venue. Select the color and brightness of your choice or choose from one of the many dynamic Ambient Scenes. 
Enjoy full control via Bluetooth on the free DreamScreen TV app available now for download on your GooglePlay or iTunes store. 

Additional Info

  • Interfaces with standard 1080p, 1080i, 720p and 720i HDMI resolutions.
  • Supports 60, 50 and 24 fps modes of operation
  • HDMI 1.4 and HDCP compliant
  • LEDs are updated at the same frame rate as the television. For example, at 60fps, the LEDs are updated 60 times a second.
  • Uses HDMI Splitter for HDMI pass through
  • Letterboxing detection and auto correction
  • Individually Addressable LED strips with 16 million colors.
  • Polyurethane coated strips are moisture and shock proof while flexible
  • Brightness and Zone Control
  • Minimum Illumination Control
  • Independent Color Saturation Control
  • Backlight Transition Speed Control
  • LED Strips easily route around television connectors and mechanical features.
  • Can be used with wall mounted or table top televisions
  • LED Strips use 3M 300 LSE Adhesive Strip that has built in polyester film liner that resists breakage during removal or repositioning.
  • Each model is designed to stretch between a range of television sizes
    • Classic 32” to 45” – Contains 48 LEDs
    • Mega 45” to 65” – Contains 72 LEDs
    • Xtreme 65” to 80” – Contains 96 LEDs